Men’s Postpartum Depression or (PPND)

Postpartum depression in Dads, or PPND (for Paternal Postnatal Depression), is a very serious condition. Without effective treatment, it can result in damaging, long-term consequences for a man, his child, and his entire family. Thankfully with proper treatment and support, men can fully recover from PPND.

It may be hard to believe but men can suffer from a type of postpartum depression, as well as women. Yes, that’s right, men do get postpartum depression. It’s an unknown fact that most people, and many health professionals may not know. As a result, most men with postpartum depression suffer in silence.

What Is Men’s Postpartum Depression or PPND?

menPostpartum Depression or PPND can be quite common affecting almost half of new fathers. Although, postpartum depression in men, isn’t as often talked about as it is in women, the illness is common among new fathers. It likely affects more new dads than previous studies have estimated; and because new dads aren’t screened for depression the way new moms are, they may be at higher risk of their condition going untreated.

Baby bliss, usually can best be described as: feelings of over joy lasting a long time;” like being on cloud nine”, or an emotional high, which is what you probably felt being home with your new baby. Then, reality sets in, sleepless nights, a screaming infant needing constant care, fights with your partner. Going to work exhausted.

Perhaps, over time you’ve noticed things have gotten worse within the family, or between you and your partner. Noticeable changes like losing your sense of humor, or not having much to look forward to can start to form. Maybe you have started getting more anxious, or panicky. Sleeping habits have changed, and maybe you’re having trouble relaxing, causing you to feel irritable or miserable a lot of the time.

You’re getting more stressed at work, and getting angry with your wife. Maybe you’ve noticed you’re drinking more, or doing drugs, and withdrawing from family, and friends.

These are all signs of men’s depression. You may think you should just, “get over it”, or that you are the only guy who can’t cope. But you’re not the only one. Many men have these same thoughts, and feelings; a lot of times their ego, or social stigma’s attached to being the head of the family cause men to suffer in solitude.

You’re Not Alone

Every day over a thousand new dads in the United States become depressed once their baby is born. According to some studies, the number is on the rise; doubling in the past decade, that’s one in four new dads who will develop postpartum depression.

It is important to seek professional medical attention if the depression lasts more than a few weeks. There are many new online forums where new Dad’s can discuss their thoughts, and emotions, in an unbiased setting as well. Don’t be afraid to discuss your depression with friends, and family members, so you can get the help you need for a good mental well being.