submissions: Should be in APA Style, in triplicate, with SASE. Allow 6-8 weeks for a response.

"Dreams of Pregnant Women"
by Mildred Bressler-Feiner, Ph.D.

"Psychophysical Risk Screening for Childbirth"
by Lewis Mehl, MD, Jo McRae, MA and Gail Peterson, MSSW

"The Effect of Maternal Catecholamines on the Personality Formation in the Fetus"
by James Jacobs, Ph.D.

"Birth Recall under Hypnosis"
by David Chamberlain, Ph.D.

"LaBoyer's Gentle Childbirth"
by Anthony Stern and Jill Stein, MD

"Ecstatic components of Childbirth"
by Barbara Vaughan, Ph.D.

"Husbands in the Delivery Room"
by George Domino, Ph.D. and Dyanne Alfanso

"Stress, Mental Health and Motherhood"
by Carol Mowbray, Ph.D. and Marilyn Hulce, MSW

"Personality Variables of the Mother in Labor"
by Lewis Mehl,MD, Carol Brendsel, RN, and Gail Peterson, MSSW

"The Impact of Birth on Bonding"
by James Jacobs, Ph.D.

"Birth Issues"
by Leslie Feher, Ph.D.

"Sexual Attitudes and Breastfeeding Behavior"
by Janis Cantano and Victor Catano, Ph.D.

"Emotional Reactions of the Cesarean Mother"
by Teressa Hayden, Ph.D.

"Post-partum Psychosis in an Artist"
by Jean Goodwin, MD and James Jaramillo, MD

"The Denial of Pregnancy" by Helen Silverblaat, M.D. and Jean Goodwin, M.D.

"Birth and Personality"
by Leslie Feher, Ph.D.

"Choice of Childbirth Proceedure"
by Saul Handlers,Ph.D.

"Motivations for Childbearing in Developing Countries"
by Firooz Hekmat, Ph.D.

"Return of Postnatal Questionaires"
by Robert McGraw, Ph.D.

"Mother's Emotional Responses to Pregnancy and Delivery"
by Steven Rosenberg, Ph.D., Jan Darby, Ph.D. and Corbella, Ph.D.

"Impact of a Psychotherapist's Pregnancy on Herself and Her Patients"
by Elizabeth McKamy, ASCW

"The Fetus as a Person"
by Clifford Olds

"Adaptation to Pregnancy Due to Childhood Sexual Abuse"
by Ronald Romanik, Ph.D. and Jean Goodwin, Ph.D.

"Management of the Regressed Patient"
by Stanis Beck, Ph.D.

"Anorexia. Bulemia, and Birth"
by Eva Jones, Ph.D.

"Defense Mechanisms"
by Leslie Feher, Ph.D.

"Phenomenological Dimensions of Natural Childbirth"
by Barbara Vaughan, Ph.D.

"Depression During the Prepartum and Postpartum Period"
by Robert Find, Ph.D. and Arnold Windt, M.D.